Roma missed the chance, first… Feyenoord revenge!


The… first blood! THE Feyenoord got a mini-revenge for last year’s lost final Conference League after taking advantage of the failure and injuries of Dybala, Abraham overpowering me 1-0 her Roma.

They missed a penalty with him Pellegrini and the chance to get ahead of the senior Giallorossi, with the Dutch proving tough to take the win and advance to the semi-finals of Europa League.

The match

In the first minutes of the game, Feyenoord she was better and more threatening to his hearth Rui Patricio. Roma then picked up the pace and were trying to look dangerous, while Jose Mourinho saw him lose with a muscle injury in the 26th minute Paulo Dybala. In the 43rd minute, the Romans missed a huge opportunity to open the scoring, when they won a penalty but Pellegrini missed by the white bullet.

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Feyenoord took advantage of this missed opportunity in the 54th minute, with Viffer with an incredible shot on the move beating Rui Patricio for 1-0! In the 58th Mourinho saw yet another player leave with an injury. The reason for him Tammy Abraham who felt a shoulder problem and o Belotti took his place.

In the 63rd minute, Roma had another great chance, when after a corner kick o Ipanies took the lead, o Idrisi drove over the line with a header, while the ball hit the crossbar. Then the Feyenoord had the circulation and control of the match and was pushing for a second goal, with the Roma to play mainly on the counter-attacks.

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Until the final whistle, nothing changed with her Feyenoord to take a qualifying lead (1-0) ahead of the rematch with Roma.

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The program

Feyenoord-Roma 1-0

(54′ Viffer)

Manchester United-Seville (22:00)

Juventus-Sporting Lisbon (22:00)

Leverkusen-Union St Gilois (22:00)

Source: Sport Fm

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