Bartzokas: “The second match against Fenerbahce is just as difficult for Olympiakos”


THE Olympic he will again need to play patiently but also dynamically to overcome the difficulties that Fenerbahce will give him in Game 2 for the Euroleague playoffs, on Friday at SEF (21:30), as emphasized by George Bartzokas on today’s media day. “It will be just as difficult, maybe even more difficult for the opponent,” said the coach of Piraeus.

In detail, Giorgos Bartzokas spoke about:

the difficulties of Game 2: “Perhaps it is more difficult for the opponent as well. We cannot take it for granted. We won the first match and we have to concentrate on the second, which will be equally difficult. These are games where you have to control your emotions. Every possession counts. It’s 40′ games, regardless of whether we won and got a 15-16 point difference. Nothing is judged from the first five minutes.”

-if he expects adjustments from Fenerbahçe: “We see what the opponent is doing. Fener had a successful plan, which we knew of course, they had done the same in the other games. In a way we have responded to all the matches we have played against them. We have to be patient in our game to find the open player. In the third quarter we managed it, we were patient, we didn’t execute in the first seconds and we found enough good conditions to shoot, we have to do the same tomorrow.”

-the level of readiness of the team: “I feel like we’re okay. Physiotherapists are always busy in these series but there is no problem for a player to be left out.”

– the second series sold out: “All the stadiums in the Play Offs are sold out. The interest is great, the competition huge, the games spectacular, played with great intensity. You know what the world of Olympiakos is like, especially when we have before us such a challenge to go to a second Final Four. They support us and we are happy to be part of this process.”

Source: Sport Fm

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