Ruin at Al Nasr: Its president said he feels cheated for signing Cristiano!


Damn it Al Nasr and while he doesn’t even have… half a year in the team o Cristiano Ronaldo!

A few days after the club was eliminated by Al Wehda in the Saudi Cup, its president Al Nasr, Al Muammarunleashed… bombs in his statements and they will certainly not go down like that from the Portuguese superstar.

Marca found some of his statements Al Muammar in the Arab Media “ArabiaNews50”, saying that twice in his life he has been deceived. One when they brought him the wrong order and another now when he picked him up Cristiano Ronaldo in his club.

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“I’ve only been cheated on twice in my life. The first time was when I asked for three kebabs and they only brought me two. The second was when I signed Cristiano Ronaldo”its president said, among other things Al Nasr.

THE Cristiano Ronaldo has managed in a few months to attract attention to him, after he had openly disagreed with him Rudy Garcia and the French coach was finally fired, while after a gesture to fans, several Saudis had asked for his expulsion!

Shortly after, Al Muammar resigned as chairman of Al Nasr, believing himself to have played a major role in the team’s unsuccessful season in all competitions this year.

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