Stay in the penalty shootout for AEK

Stay in the penalty shootout for AEK

AEK will also compete in the A1 women’s polo next season. The Union defeated NO Rethymnon in Chania on penalties 13-10 (retd 10-10) in the third match of the play-offs between them and with 2-1 victories in the series ensured its stay, sending Cretans to A2.

In the penalty shootout, Divina Nigro was the main protagonist. The goalkeeper of the Union repelled all three executions of the hosts, her teammates on the opposite side, hit the target and, thus, AEK remained in the big “living rooms”.

Throughout regular time, the match was a derby. None of the two teams escaped the score, except in the last minutes when NOR led 10-8. At 1′:41”, Liapaki reduced and she equalized 58” before the end of the match (both times with a player more).

At 1′:41” before the end, AEK’s commissioner, Kostas Akritidis, was sent off with a red card for strongly protesting the referees.


Dashiou 10-11

Doyle, retorted the Negro

Kalaitzi 10-12

Amorosa, retorted the Negro

Gila 10-13

Anna Libitakis, Nigro repelled

The eight minutes: 3-3, 3-4, 1-1, 3-2, Fri. 0-3

NO RETHYMNO (Odysseas Bariotakis): Poulopoulou, Lampathaki, Doyle 4, Kyriakaki, M. Farmaki, Tsiougri 2, Zafeiraki, Amorosa 3, Stella Lybitaki, El. Farmaki 1, Anna Libitakis, Evag. Libitaki, Anifantaki

AEK (Marko Misic): Nigro, Makendi, Paterou, Georgiou, Biniari, Kalaitzi 2, Gilla 5, Frangelaki, Roumeliotis, Liapaki 2, Dassiou 3, Michaelidou 1, Founti, Fella, Peteinatou

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