Spanoulis: “My players must be watching a lot of NBA lately!”


The qualification to the semi-finals of the Basket League playoffs was celebrated by Pigeon bwin on Thursday night, prevailing in an improbable double-overtime matchup 113-99 of AEKmaking it 2-0 in the series!

With his statements after the end of the match, Mr Vasilis Spanoulisappeared satisfied with his team’s qualification, stressing among other things that today’s match could be won by both teams.

At the same time, he gave congratulations throughout the organization of Peristeri, mentioning characteristically that the qualification, constitutes very big success for the club.

The statements of Vassilis Spanoulis in detail:

“After a qualification it is not right to say whether we struggled or not. It is very important to understand who you are playing with. AEK is an excellent team, a very difficult opponent. Elias Kanzouris does an excellent job, I’ve said it before. Coming third and playing with AEK was very difficult for us.

It became an amazing game, people enjoyed it. The guys must be watching a lot of NBA these past few days. We played an amazing game, both teams could win.

There is anticipation, we have worked a lot, it was a game with two overtimes, it was logical to live it differently and to have tension. To congratulate the whole organization, the players, the administration, it is a very big success for Peristeri”.

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Source: Sport Fm

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