Apollon Smyrnis left for the dream


Next Saturday, Apollon Smyrnis faces Terasa in the second final of the men’s Challenger Cup polo in a rematch of the 12-11 advantage of the first match in Serafio and the atmosphere at the departure from “Eleftherios Venizelos” on Thursday bound for Barcelona was excellent .

The mission of the “light brigade” consists of the coach, Nikos Deligiannis, the assistant coach, Dimitris Miteloudis, the athletes Stefanos Galanopoulos, Alexandros Alamanos, Nikola Bogdanovits, Konstantinos Mokkas, Angelos Goniotakis, Michalis Diplaros, Dionysis Braimis, Konstantinos s Chondrokoukis, Lazar Vitskovich, Nikos Gardikas, Anastasis Myrilos, Manolis Solanakis, Vassilis Kavousanos, Iason Tourkomenis and the team manager, Spyros Mintzis.

In his statements about the second final, Nikos Deligiannis made it clear again that his team is only aiming for victory. “We are now on the way to the second final. For us, the one goal difference doesn’t mean anything. We’re not going to play to keep up. As I said right after the first game, we are going to win at the Terrace.

We know the opponent much better, as she knows us, of course. But I have the impression that we will be much better prepared than in the first final. We are at a disadvantage as it looks like the Spanish are going to create a very hot atmosphere, but we are working on making that atmosphere work in our favor and I think we will be ready to face all of Terrasa’s strong cards and get a result that will also give us the title.

Already, the children feel very good, knowing that a lot of people will follow the team in Barcelona. I think our fans, wherever they have been, have supported us a lot and we expect them to be by our side throughout the match.”

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