Bartzokas: “Pierre’s three-pointers are decisive – I don’t think we have pressure from the world”


About Pierre’s three-pointers in the final, which were decisive for him, but also about the pressure from the Olympiacos world, which he doesn’t think exists, spoke at the press conference George Bartzokas.

In detail what he said:

“It was a tough and difficult game for both teams. A lot of players due to the pressure made a lot of mistakes and I’m not just talking about the statistical mistakes, but also about poor offensive and defensive executions. In the end, Pierre’s three-pointers were decisive. Fener took confidence from them. Congratulations on the win. We came here to regain home advantage. Now we have the 5th and last match in Piraeus. On Tuesday we will play in front of our fans to qualify for the Final Four.”

Asked if he thinks that the presence of the “red and white” world will put extra “pressure” on his team, he replied: “It depends. We have a warm audience. Our fans in all the matches we played this year in the Euroleague were there and were very supportive even in our bad moments. I expect that they will encourage us and ‘push’ us to play better. I don’t think we will have any pressure from them. We are blessed. We will play a very important game to qualify for the Final Four. For us and for everyone in the organization, it’s very important to see the team go to the Final Four for the second time in a row. It will be a great thing for our team. We have a big challenge ahead of us. It won’t be easy, it never is. But we have to handle it and ultimately enjoy it.”

Source: Sport Fm

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