Jasikevicius: “I’m not thinking how to stop Tavares, but how to stop Real”


A few days separate us from the Final 4 of Kaunas, where the Barcelona will face her Real Madrid in the second semi-final of the competition, in a “repeat” of last year’s titanic battle in the same round of the institution.

Speaking about the specific game, the Lithuanian coach of the “Blaugrana”, Sarunas Yasikeviciusemphasized that Real is not only the Tavaresand how everyone must be ready for the Catalans to reach the end of the route.

Sarunas Jasikevicius’ statements in detail:

“We can’t think about the second game. There is only Real Madrid, you have to do everything possible to qualify for the final and then you will see the next match. It is important that everyone is prepared for situations that may arise during the race. We will give it our all.

I’m not thinking how to stop Tavares, but how to stop Real and its virtues. Against good teams you have to take risks in certain situations and there is a middle ground between things. We can’t just think about Tavares. Madrid has a lot of talent. Deck, Poirier and Giabuselli may be missing, but that doesn’t mean Real will be worse. It has a large and quality team.

As far as Kaunas is concerned, the Final Four is in the right place because of the love Lithuanians have for basketball. It will be a wonderful event.”

Source: Sport Fm

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