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Ionikos bent down and κός Olympiakos escaped from AEK before the derby


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Holds the victory and the +3 before AEK o Olympic. The “red and whites” did not impress with their appearance against the fighting Ionian, but they prevailed 1-0 in “G. Karaiskakis “. Increasing their distance from the Union before the derby due to the gel of the “yellow-blacks” with Apollon Smyrnis.

The solution was given again by Μασούρας, who scored in the 17th minute the only goal of the match, in which he had a few, but very good opportunities.

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Three forced changes Martins, who lost Kude (41 ‘), Papastathopoulos (46’) and Rodrεςguez (63 ‘), respectively, who is injured in the second game in a row.

Positive sign, despite the defeat, for his team Dimitris Spanou, which lost two great opportunities in the first half, having a good one in the second and generally put the Greek champion in a difficult position.

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In the minds of coaches

Olympiakos with a 4-2-3-1 system. Vatslik was under the hearth, with the four of the defense consisting of Lala, Papastathopoulos, Cisse and Reabchuk. Embila and Koude started in the positions of midfielders, with the latter getting a basic jersey instead of M. Kamaras. In the midfield, Masouras, Rodrεςguez and Agibu Kamara, with Tikinios taking a position on the strike line.

With a 4-2-3-1 system, which when Ionikos was defending was something like 5-4-1, Ionikos lined up. Houtesiotis at the end, Fly, Vafeas, Tsigrinski and Valerianos at the defense. Romao and Dalsio in the midfield, Cabral, Matsukas and Aosman in the midfield, while Thuram was at the top.

The match

With ideal conditions for a neutral eye, the match started, which had rhythm and phases. Olympiakos’ first attempt to threaten a little almost resulted in 1-0. His ball Agibu Kamara in the back of the defense was excellent, but Houtesiotis defeated Masouras (3 ‘). Ionikos responded to the opportunities on the caps, with an equally great opportunity. The collaboration between Fly, Matsuka and Thuram brought a face to face with the latter Watslik, with the Czech coming out the winner. The counter-attack of the guests was an issue for the hosts in a significant period in the first part, due to the bad chemistry between Embila and Koude.

The phase of 1-0 started from the feet of Agibu Kamaras, with the young ace finding Gary Rodrεςguez vertically, who paved to Masouras (17 ‘), who from the penalty spot found nets, with the opposite favoring him. With Thuram and Cabral working together extremely well, Spanos’s team lost a good opportunity in the 23rd minute, but the latter would be difficult to score from such a side position. The game was very good in the first half hour, which was completed, with the “red and whites” losing another great opportunity. Rodrεςguez found Lala in the position of… for from the right, but he could not finish for and sent the ball to Houtesiotis. Gradually the rhythms dropped until the break.

Olympiakos-Ionikos 1-0

The second half started with good prospects, but the continuation was not proportional to the second half. Gary Rodrεςguez left the role of creator and took over the role of executor, whom Ticino left to serve the 31-year-old winger. The ball, however, passed slightly next to it left beam of Χουτεσιώτη. It is not an exaggeration to say that the game… went out afterwards, with Olympiakos counting a third loss in the game, since in the first one Kounde and Papastathopoulos were “taken”.

Now it was the turn of Gary Rodrεςguez (63 ‘). Ionikos essentially lost his last chance in 63 ‘, when Thuram went against, Cisse could not cut him and his shot was misplaced. Olympiakos controlled the situation, was not threatened from then on, while it also had a huge opportunity in 74 ‘for the 2-0, which would completely banish the stress for the fate of the match. Oniekourou took advantage of his speed, but did not lay well on Androutsos, however, the ball reached El Arabi who was defeated by the excellent Lefteris Houtesiotis. This was essentially the last good moment of the match.

MVP: Agibu Kamara. Almost every opportunity Olympiakos created had its participation, taking out, among other things, an excellent ball to Masoura in the third, while he also makes a very good transfer to Rodrεςguez in the goal phase. Of course, Masouras was also decisive, while Rodrεςguez’s appearance was full again, which created many problems at the left end of Ionikos’ defense in the first half.

Whistle: The degree of arbitration is good. Of course, Manouchos did not have a difficult phase, who could have given more yellow cards, since it was quite a tough game.

See here the live of

Olympiacos (Pedro Martins): Vatslik – Lala, Papastathopoulos (46 ‘l. Tr. Papadopoulos), Cisse, Reabtsuk – Kounte (41’ l. Tr. Mandi Kamara), Embila – Rodrεςguez (63 ‘Oniekourou), A. Kamara, Masouras (72’ Androutsos) – Tikino (73 ‘El Arabi).

Ionian (Dimitris Spanos): Houtesiotis – Mygas, Vafeas (90 ‘+ 2’ Manalis), Tsigrinski, Valerianos – Romao, Dalsio – Cabral (76 ‘Lenis), Matsoukas (76’ Delgado, 90 ‘+ 2’ Kanias), Aosman-Thuram.

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