Iran: Tehran calls for “vigilance” after Baghdad attack |


Iran today condemned the attack on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi in Baghdad and called for “vigilance to prevent security plots” in its neighboring country.

According to Kadimi’s office, the Iraqi prime minister escaped “attempted assassination” last night at his home in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attack for which no responsibility has been claimed.

“Such incidents are to the benefit of those who have violated Iraq’s stability, security, independence and territorial integrity for the past 18 years,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibjadeh, in a clear statement to the United States.

“They tried to achieve their disastrous regional goals by creating terrorist groups that seek to provoke a standoff,” he added.

The United States invaded Iraq in 2003 to overthrow dictator Saddam Hussein.

US forces were also sent in 2014 as part of an international coalition to help Baghdad fight the Islamic State jihadist group. Most of these forces withdrew during the presidency of Donald Trump.

The attack in Baghdad comes almost a month after parliamentary elections in which the Conquest Alliance, a political showcase for Hasd al-Saabi, a powerful pro-Iranian veteran paramilitary coalition, lost several seats, according to preliminary results.

This party denounces fraud and some of its supporters accuse Kadimi of being an “accomplice” in this “fraud”.


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