Sloukas: “The semi-final against Monaco will be decided on defense and control of the pace”


Where the winner of this year’s Euroleague semi-final between Olympiakos and Monaco is waiting to be decided, the Kostas Sloukas.

In addition, he emphasized that these games are won by the one who wants them the most, he talked about the marking of Mike James, while adding that the most important thing is to be ready both physically and mentally.

In detail what he said:

For Monaco: “They are an athletic team with a lot of attacking talent, if you don’t pay attention to certain situations they will punish you. Having two losses against her this year might mean a lot, but it means nothing to me. This is a different game, which will be decided by the defense and if we manage to limit their offensive superweapons”.

On whether the basketball stick will play a role: “These games are taken by the one who wants them the most. Lost balls, stupid mistakes will count, tactics will take second place. Luck always plays a role. It’s a game with no tomorrow and anything can happen. Pace control is the key”.

For James’ branding: “Very talented player and unpredictable. What I have also discussed with Walkup is to be close to him and play aggressive defense”.

For the other semi-final and if it has any preference in opponent in case Olympiacos qualifies: “These games are of special circumstances. Fatigue takes second place. I can’t choose a team, they are both very good”.

For his 10th Final 4: “It is the 10th and two more in which I had not competed. You have to enjoy the moment. He has suffered all year to be in the Final 4. You have to fight possession-by-possession, from defense to offense. Everything he has done all year you did to be there”.

On his pre-game routine: “I am preparing both physically and mentally. Not by doing stupid things. I might have a coffee before the game in the locker room. I have some specific things I’m doing, but the main thing is to be ready physically and mentally”.

Source: Sport Fm

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