Intense dialogue Guardiola-De Bruyne during City-Real: “Give a pass-Shut up!”


They ignited the blood between you Kevin De Bruyne and Pep Guardiola during the second half of the Champions League semi-final second leg between Manchester City and Real (4-0). Although the hosts were dominant in the match, a mobile phone recorded a scene of great tension.

The Belgian midfielder attempted an individual effort, with his manager giving him pointed remarks shouting “Pass the ball! Pass!». De Bruyne was not only undisciplined, he spoke out against his coach by shouting at him “Shut up! Shut up!».

Guardiola was asked after the match about the incident. “After 2-0 we were in a hurry and Kevin on 2-3 occasions did some unnecessary things in transition and we had to hold them back. But it is normal to happen. Overall we had an excellent game“, he noted downplaying the episode.

In fact, when he replaced De Bruyne, the two embraced warmly.

Source: Sport Fm

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