In the rhythm of Kaunas: Everything about the final-4 of the Euroleague… from the inside just before the red-white battle!


Olympiacos moves in rhythm final-4 and his envoy bwinSPORT FM and his sportfm.grNikos Zervas, puts you in the mood!

The “red and white” reporter attends another great moment of Piraeus and reports everything from the Lithuanian city.

The “red and white” played on Wednesday afternoon (17/5) in Kaunas and the Nikos Zervas he spoke about the conditions of arrival and the climate within the team.

“There is an optimistic atmosphere and great impatience, the players are more experienced and seasoned. There is sweet anticipation with a dose of optimism in the team. However, they all have a lot of respect in Monaco and are dealing with the situation with humility.”he said among other things.

On Thursday (18/05) morning the reporter brought us the pulse from Kaunas, one day before the semi-finals of the Final 4 of the Euroleague.

“Olympiacos should focus on defense, not to allow James, Okobo and Lloyd to find a rhythm. The game will be decided on strength. The world of Olympiakos has started to come to Kaunas and the city is also gaining color”he emphasized.

Sasha Vezenkov was, as expected, the most valuable player of the Euroleague. The award was made in a special way, as he was surprised by his family, with his parents and sister present. The latter was the one who announced to him that he was getting the award.

Shortly before noon and during the usual press conference for the final-4, there was… red and white paranoia! The fans of Piraeus were at the place where this season’s awards ceremony is held and they sang slogans for their team which were passed inside the Fan Zone!

“The whole year is already a reward for the team, what happens in the Final-4 does not mean that it will be a failure. The result does not erase the year we have had, all these records we have made. That we have the best player, the best coach, or the success we have had so far and the recognition from all our rivals. Certainly, the title is the most important thing, that’s what we’re here for and that’s what we want more than anything.”the captain of Olympiakos, Kostas Papanikolaou, said among others.

“For us, the goal is to be at the highest level and we proved it for the second season in a row. I can’t allow anyone in my team to feel like we’ve failed or disappointed if we don’t win the trophy. I know well how strong the competition is, with the best players and coaches. We have played finals since the beginning of October until now. I think it’s three different competitions, the regular season, the playoffs and the Final 4. We have to enjoy our participation here, give everything and if we do it at the end we will be happy”were the words of Piraeus’ technician, Giorgos Bartzokas.

Shortly after, Mike James responded with humor and… self-deprecation to a question about the fact that Olympic he will have a lot of people on his side in Kaunas for the Final 4 unlike Monaco.

“It’s good to have fans”said the American guard, laughing and implying that his own team probably doesn’t even have a similar number of fans, or as demonstrative.

Monaco’s first training session followed in Kaunas ahead of this year’s big Euroleague semi-final against Olympiakos, and as it appeared, Saša Obradović will have all his players available.

Michalis Lountzis conveyed his thoughts to the emissary of News Bulletin 247, Nikos Zervas, at Olympiakos’ media day. “We expected it how and how, you are having fun with the stadium”, he said among other things.

The readiness of both himself and Olympiakos for the semi-final with Monaco and the challenge of winning the Euroleague was conveyed by Giannoulis Laretzakis on bwinSPORT FM. “I’m ready for the special missions – Sasha will definitely be in for a treat”some of his sayings.

Alec Peters emphasized on the air of the country’s top sports frequency, 94.6, that he always likes playing in Kaunas. At the same time, he spoke about the competition in the “4” with Vezenkov, saying that it improves him as a player and he mentioned the key points of the match against the Monegasques.

More than 4.5 thousand Olympiakos fans are expected to be in Kaunas for the final-4 of the Euroleague, according to Christos Buffet, sports director of the team who also spoke to Nikos Zervas.

The “red and white” stepped on the floor of “Zalgirio Arena” in Kaunas and trained ahead of the big match, in a program that included shooting and stretching, while Giorgos Bartzokas saw that all his players were in good condition!

On Thursday night, Nikos Zervas broadcast from Kaunas on the air of News Bulletin 247 the latest news from the report of Olympiakos ahead of the match against Monaco.

He referred to the last training session, on Vezenkov and his remark that shows the impressive atmosphere in the team, as well as the fact that o George Bartzokas he’s more… relaxed than ever. Of course, he also stood up to the friends of Piraeus who paint the Lithuanian city red and white!

Source: Sport Fm

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