This is how Olympiacos achieved the legendary 27-2 in the third period!


Legendary third period for Olympiakos!

The “red and white” came out of the “Zalgirio Arena” locker room unrecognizable, trampling her helpless to react, Monaco!

By Kostas Papanikolaou to give the counterattack signal at the beginning of the third period, the Walkup, Vezenkov and Fal to take the baton in the executive part, but also the whole team to play defense for a seminar, the Piraeus they touched it… perfectclosing the quarter with the unimaginable individual score… 27-2!

It started with a quick one 14-0 in the first four minutes of the quarter for overtaking and +2 (43-41) at 16′, with the Piraeus team continuing with… broken brakes, culminating in the improbable long shot buzzer beater three-pointer by Larentzakis, five seconds before the final for 56-43 of the period!

Somehow, the -12 of the half turned into incredible +13 and 56-43 for Olympiakos, laying solid foundations for qualification! In fact, the Piraeus shot me 8/9 two-pointers, 3/5 three-pointers, while they had 10 assists for just one mistake!

On the other hand, the Monegasques barely counted 1/14 in field (1/7d., 0/7tr.), while the two points they scored in the entire quarter were the third time in the history of the Euroleague that something like this has happened. It had happened again in the Benetton-Efes match in 2005 and in Marousi-Partizan in 2011!

Source: Sport Fm

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