Marinakis: “Our dream from the beginning is to bring Nottingham where it belongs, the criticism is ill-intentioned”


In a sea of ​​happiness o Vangelis Marinakis after her stay Nottingham Forest in the Premier League! The English team won by a score 1-0 Arsenal and not only cut off their title hopes, but also managed to save themselves, one game before the final of the championship.

The owner, then, of the English team, who he actually went down to the playing fieldin order to celebrate, made statements after his side’s success, stressing that they deserved a save, while commenting on criticism of England throughout the season.

The statements of Vangelis Marinakis in detail:

We beat one of the best teams in the Premier League. City won the championship and we stayed in the division. For us from the beginning our dream has been to bring Nottingham where it belongs. There was criticism. I like criticism, but it was mean. Criticism will help us correct our mistakes, but it didn’t make any sense.

The Championship cannot be compared to the Premier League. It was not the category we were used to. As management we helped players, coach, made investments. Some transfers have been very successful. We had promised our imaginary audience that we would stay, we deserved to stay. Congratulations to everybody».

Source: Sport Fm

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