Respect to Partizan: “Congratulations Real, you set an example”


In a display of sportsmanship, the Partisan he didn’t just formally congratulate Real on her winning the Euroleaguebut he praised her character. The Serbians could very well cite the Game 2 scrambles and penalties that resulted in their elimination by the Madrids in a series they had led 2-0. But instead they praised the new owner of the Euroleague.

Congratulations Real for winning the Euroleague. You showed fantastic character and set an example to us all of how far a team can go when they believe to the end“, says Partizan’s message on social media.

THE Nigel Williams-Goss, who won the Euroleague with Real while moving from Partizan, praised the attitude of the Belgrade team. “Their attitude shows character and morals. I have great respect and love for this club. I am not at all surprised by her attitude“, he noted about Partizan’s post.

Source: Sport Fm

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