Demis: “I wasn’t worried when AEK was left with 10 – It showed what it can do in view of Europe”


The appearance of AEK in the final of the Hellenic Novibet Cup was commented on by Demis Nikolaidis talking to him George Marathianos on his “FAIR PLAY” show News Bulletin 247.

The veteran ace and former president of the doubles emphasized that he was not troubled when the “yellow and black” were left with ten players just at 6′. He stood at confidence that exists between footballers and Matias Almeida, but also that the whole of the Argentinian technician presented himself better psychologically prepared.

In fact, he argued that AEK showed that it can be cynical and cope with competitive conditions that will be called upon to face the new season at her European games.

I agree with Lucescu’s statements that AEK was better prepared psychologically than his team. And it seemed so. I have said this before this year about PAOK, that it troubled me because it had so many nerves.

AEK could concede a goal. In my opinion it is two phases, with Sastre’s beam and Augustus. AEK has the right to have a bit of luck in a match, it didn’t have it anywhere else. There is a trust from players to coach and vice versa.

However, I wasn’t worried about the ten AEK left. The match was about how AEK would perform. If he got a good performance he would win. He showed us that he can play a match that will be more cynical, that will have given measures to the opponent and will be able to run on the counter attack. I was watching this match and I was thinking about the European game that he will be called to play next year. We’ve seen it can do that too.

I expected in the second half to put Jonsson in as well. I didn’t expect Almeida to manage the match like that, but everything worked out for him. Gacinovic was a very good competitor in the axis. Especially in the second half“, he noted among other things.

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Source: Sport Fm

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