PSAPP: “Board Member of Ergotelis, he told us ‘we’re talking’ about an operated soccer player”


Serious complaints from PSAPP!

Through his announcement, Panhellenic Association of Paid Football Players accused him Ergotelis how he didn’t cover the expenses of his soccer player who had to be operated on, while he didn’t even care about her case!

Not only that, but, according to the announcement, when PSAPP approached the Cretan team about the case, it received the response “we’ve done” regarding the soccer player from a member of the Board of Directors!

The PSAPP announcement in detail:

“Expendable and uninsured, patience is over…

After a month of repeated harassment to G.S. Ergoteli to do the obvious, that is to assume the costs of the surgery of his player who was injured in an official match with OFI on March 12 and was operated on April 22, the clinic and the doctor are still unpaid, as a result of which the soccer player is exposed.

The paradox is that while the Union – if it pays for the surgery and makes a relevant application to the EPO medical service – will get back a significant part of the money it spent, it does not do that either (s.s. only the Union itself has this possibility ).

The reason; They just don’t care.

Under the guise of funny excuses, everyone involved with the women’s division is playing ping pong with each other with no respect for either the athlete who was injured while offering her services to the team, or the club they manage. One of the most historic clubs in Greece in the field of football.

It should be noted that we all know that the Ministry of Finance together with the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, allocated €686,250 (from €42,890.63 in 16 groups).

We are therefore particularly concerned when GS Ergotelis collects €42,890 for Women’s football and does not prioritize the medical treatment of his female footballers.

For a month now, PSAPP has exhausted every possible means of communication with the Board. of Ergotelis, as well as with the head of the Women’s football department, to settle the issue and the excuses are not even pretentious. Unless the “Hes@@me for the soccer player” that we heard today from a member of the Board of Directors of Ergotelis, hides some message that we do not understand.

Because the PSAPP, the main administrators of G.S. Ergoteli, not only did not care, but on the contrary has as its only concern the footballers, we are now publicly addressing you with our request to cover the entire part of the medical expenses of the surgery directly. Do the right thing and stop using women footballers as expendable materials, that when they are injured or beaten up they are worthless.

We are also publicly asking the EPO and Mr. Baltakos to put an end to this climate of insecurity that exists in Women’s football. It is dangerous and embarrassing for gymnasts to play and train for official games of the Greek Championship uninsured.”

Source: Sport Fm

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