A man infected with various multidrug-resistant bacteria and the Candida auris fungus died in Milan, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported on Friday.

The patient, according to the information of the Italian newspaper, had arrived in Italy from Greece, and was being treated at the Sacco Hospital in the capital of Lombardy for a stroke.

From the laboratory tests he underwent, several positive results were found, including “Candida auris”.

The man died on Friday morning, and had been hospitalized in Milan a few days ago.

“Candida auris” is a fungus that was first reported in 2009 after being isolated in Japan from a woman’s ear (hence “auris”).

The fungus Candida Auris is not a danger for the general public outside the hospital, nor for people who enter the hospital for a few days and are not under immunosuppression, the president of EODY, a professor of Pediatrics, said on April 1 to FM Agency. Theoklis Zaoutis.