They left Kifissia with an imposing “double” and… set fire to Chania in Group B!


They turned them into a performance for a role Chania their confrontation with the Kifissia in Zirineio, for the 27th matchday of its championship Betsson Super League 2as the final testifies 0-3!

Thus, the group of the northern suburbs remained at top of Group Bbut failed to widen its gap from second Athens Kallitheawhich follows at -2now having the same games…

In the competitive part, the guests managed to take the lead early in the second half, when Manali’s cross from the left Bourselis with projection he succeeded 0-1, in the 55th minute.

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In the very next minute, Kifissia came within a breath of equalizing, but o Kalogerakis instinctively parried Vafeos’ header.

With Chania… shocking their opponent again as after a sustained phase in the frames of Anagnostopoulos, the Coke he was in the right position and with an aerial shot, he scored 0-2!

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While the Manali with a goal in the third minute of stoppage time, he gave dimensions of triumph to the dominance of the Cretan team, for the final 0-3.

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Group A:

PAOK B’-Iraklis 0-3

(45’+2′, 76′ Aleksic, 90’+2′ Tomas)

Saturday (27/5)

Diagoras-Panathinaikos II 4-1

(10′ Tsiantoulas, 25′ Stamenkovics, 37′ auto Robby, 57′ Manias – 42′ Serpezis)

Sunday (28/5)

Rebirth of Karditsa-Macedonian 2-1

(57′ Stamopoulos, 90’+4′ Skondras – 63′ pen. Tsoukanis)

Iraklis of Larissa-Panserraikos 2-0

(33′ Hatzis, 54′ Kasas)

Niki Volos-Almopos Aridaia 0-0

Apollo Larissa-Thesprotos 0-3 a.a.

Monday (29/5)

Apollon Pontou-Veria (16:00)

Day off: AEL

Group B:

Saturday (27/5)

Athens Kallithea FC-Apollon Smyrnis 3-0

(17′ Loukinas, 24′ Santana, 65′ Matthias)

Sunday (28/5)

Progressive-Kalamata 1-2

(67′ pen. Kapnidis – 42′ Arnarellis, 45’+1′ Rovas)

OF Ierapetra-Episkopi 2-0

(13′ Blanc Kazau, 90’+2′ Muller)

AEK B’-Panachaiki 4-1

(37′ Gerolemou, 54′ Machiras, 70′ Juda Garcia, 87′ Ap. Christopoulos – 60′ Bourlakis)

PAO Ruf-Ilioupoli 2-2

(9′ pen. Mkrtsian, 58′ Fragos – 22′ Bastakos, 71′ pen. Varkas)

Herodotus-Olympic II 0-3 a.a.

Monday (29/5)

Kifissia-Chania 0-3

(55′ Bourselis, 79′ Kola, 90’+3′ Manali)

Day off: Egaleo

The schedule for the next (28th) matchday:

A Group

Panserraikos-PAOK B’

Hercules-Nike Volos

Panathinaikos II-Iraklis of Larisa

Veria-Renaissance of Karditsa

AEL-Apollon Pontou


B Group

Chania-AEK B’

Kalamata-OF Ierapetra

Apollo Smyrnis-Proodeftii

Ilioupoli-Athens Kallithea

Egaleo-PAO Roof


Source: Sport Fm

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