A breath away from his return to Asteras, Rastavach!


There seems to be a happy ending regarding his return Milan Rastavac to Astera Tripoli.

According to his information sportfm.grthe Serbian coach is highly positive to return to the Tripoli team after a year away.

The two sides maintain excellent relations with each other and there is mutual respect, with Mr Star to consider him Rastafarian the most suitable option for the bench to build the team from… scratch and bring it back to the road of success.

Let’s remember that the 49-year-old spent 2.5 years in Arcades, he had built a highly competitive team and even in the first year he had put it in the top six, participating in the playoffs. The final answer from the Serbian coach is expected within the next 48 hours, but after the successive contacts of the two sides in the last days, it seems that the “yes” from his side Rastafarian it is a formal affair and it will be very difficult to… spoil the reunion.

With Milan Rastavac is expected to return to Asteras Tripoli and Pavlos Gotsis. He is one of the leading gymnasts in Greece, who was at Arkades for a number of years until he left last summer, after accepting Vladan Ivić’s offer to work together at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Gotsis was one of the main reasons for the excellent image of Arkady in recent years. A team that made a lot of runs on the field, the right metrics were in place to let the coaching staff know how each player was doing, while it improved a lot of players and there were few muscle injuries.

Source: Sport Fm

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