Nikolakopoulos: “Cordon on Thursday – Bakabou does not say “no” but postpones his answer”


Costas Nikolakopoulos brought the latest information on the Olympiakos report to News Bulletin 247. The red-white reporter reported that the Cord is expected in Athens on Thursday, to sign, settle down and officially start work, with the coaching issue as a priority.

On this subject, he underlined that it is most likely that the new technician will be Spanish, given his name Iraola (former Rayo Vallecano) to be desirable but not easy, while another case that is interesting but not the first choice, to be Diego Martinez (formerly Granada and Espanyol).

Then Kostas Nikolakopoulos mentioned his topic Bakabu. In this regard, he emphasized that Olympiacos had been trying to renew his contract since January, with the Congolese striker saying that he wants to talk at the end of the season, something that is actually happening… Olympiacos has submitted specific proposals to him, much higher than one million annually, but Bakabu, yes he does not say “no” to the proposals but – on the other hand – he postpones his answer asking for time. However, as our reporter commented, the issue is not expected to drag on much longer and one way or another to unravel.

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Source: Sport Fm

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