THE Yevgeny Prigozhinhead of the Russian private military company Wagner, has once again launched a scathing attack on the Russian Defense Ministry following an alleged drone attack in Moscow on Tuesday.

Prigozhin claimed in a recorded message on his Telegram channel that he was aware of and concerned about the drone attack.

“As a person who somewhat understands this, I can tell you that many years ago it was necessary to deal with these programs [drone] – now we are years behind our rivals, years, maybe even decades”, he said in response to a reporter’s question.

He also claimed that the Russian Ministry of Defense does not “absolutely nothing” to cover developments in drone technology.

“Regarding the drones flying over Moscow– stinking animals, what are you doing? Rise from your appointed offices to defend this country,” he said.

“You are the Department of Defense. You did nothing to make them go away,” he continued, claiming that he had warned many times about the threat, but that officials did nothing to prevent it.

“Why are you allowing these drones to hit Moscow? Let your houses burn” he said, sharply criticizing the Russian Defense Ministry.