Roma fans met Taylor at the airport and… decorated him!


An incredible scene at Budapest airport, the day after the final between them Seville and her Roma which made the Andalusians winners for… the 7th time in their history.

The referee Anthony Taylor was in the airport terminal waiting to catch a flight with his family when he ran into about a hundred of her fans Roma. They started chanting various abusive slogans against him and constantly insulting him for his performance in the match.

And the scene started to catch fire when several fans of the “jalorossi” heard the slogans and ran to the scene, also participating in the whole “festival”.

Somewhere in there, the police intervened and tried to put an end to what happened by driving him away Anthony Taylor with his family on the plane back to England.

We remind you that the “Galorossi” strongly protested against Fernando’s hand-penalty in the last quarter of the match, with the score at 1-1 at that point…

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Source: Sport Fm

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