Campanou trial – Prosecutor’s complaint: “They wanted to take the lives of eternal enemies”


The trial of the prosecutor, Kyriaki Kliabas, for the 12 hooligans of PAOK, who are accused of the murder of Alkis Kampanos in the early hours of February 1, 2022, in the area of ​​Harilaou, continued today at the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki.

The trial of the prosecutor started last Tuesday, lasted for several hours, however it was not completed as it includes 670 pages.

Today the prosecutor began her speech by commenting on the testimony of the medical examiner, Ledas Kovatsis. He repeated today that the defendants had a homicidal intent against the victims.

She emphasized that the defense attorneys treated the medical examiner’s testimony “as if Ms. Kovatsi was relying on figments of her imagination” and had drawn “arbitrary conclusions.” He added that a difference of opinion was detected with the technical advisers who had been called to testify by the defendants’ lawyers.

Ms. Kliaba stated that in the case of Alki’s friend who was injured during the murderous attack, “there was homicidal intent”.

“The defense focused on intent. The defendants had the intention of causing simple bodily harm, but by chance it resulted in a dangerously serious one. A blow aimed at the groin proves the perpetrator’s homicidal intent. They also tried to kill Alki’s friends,” he noted.

He stated that it was a cowardly attack, while regarding the testimony of Alki’s friend, he emphasized that “he was the one who was next to him and saw him cool off. A. was in pain and suffering. He wanted justice, they wanted to find the perpetrators of the murderous attack, the ones who managed to kill his best friend. He doesn’t care that he himself is in pain, the pain of his soul is heavy, that’s why he doesn’t want to talk to the medical examiner, because he considers it unnecessary.”

Referring to the 10th defendant, she emphasized that “raging like a bull, he charged with his deadly weapon”.

Regarding the sickle, he emphasized that the defense’s attempt to prove that the sickle was stained by the pool of blood proved to be “unsuccessful and baseless.”

“They wanted to take as many lives of eternal enemies as they could”

He spoke of fury, hatred and a relentless attack “striking again and again with unbridled violence to take as many lives of the eternal enemies as they could.”

“They hit a head brutally and furiously like they hit the ball on the court,” he continued.

The prosecutor’s questioning continues…


Source: Sport Fm

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