Lukaku broke down on camera: “My grandfather means a lot to me, he is my number one fan”


THE Inter contrasts with Manchester City in the Champions League final. By Romelou Loukakos be one of the players likely to play their part in the match, either starting or coming on as a substitute.

Speaking to ‘BT Sport’, the Belgian striker was asked about his grandfather. About the relationship the two sides had, but also what it means to him…

With Romelou Lukakus… breaking down on camerasaying that he is his number one fan, that every goal he scores is for him and that he had promised him since he was 12 years old that he would take care of his mother!

“My grandfather means a lot to me. The worst thing is that when I look at my youngest son I see him, they look so much alike. For me, my grandfather was No. 1, my biggest fan. Every time I play, it’s for him. It’s special to get to this point, it’s for him.

All the goals I have scored are for him. I promised him that I would take care of my mother when I was 12 and I did. So every time I see her in the stands, every time I score a goal, I look at him in the sky and say I did it.”he argued.

Source: Sport Fm

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