Karebe: “Manchester City favourites?” The final is the final”


THE Christian Karebe in an interview with APE-MPE, he emphasized that there is no favorite in the final and that he does not see either team as a favorite.

What he said in detail:

“Manchester City favourites? I know what is said and what is written, but no, I cannot say that City are favourites. Not because she lacks the conditions, anything else, but here we are talking about a Champions League final. The magnitude of the struggle is apparent. We are talking about a special game. The final is always a final, a different game, a match where many things play a role”

Let’s not forget that Manchester City, unlike Inter, has not yet won this trophy. I know this can create more…hunger, but also more pressure. And besides, one can understand that in these struggles, as I said, a number of things play a role. As the fans say the shirt, the story. It’s a race that needs passion, enthusiasm, strategy”,

“Inter is a very good team, they have technique, history, and certainly… hunger. And recently he won the Coppa Italia, he looks in form and in the semi-finals he knocked out Milan. I understand that City are more hungry because they still haven’t felt the feeling of winning the top trophy, but in football you always want to win. And what makes it special is that it is unpredictable. Surprises are always around the corner. Every final is fair. For a team to get there they definitely have to get things right.

Certainly Manchester City has all the conditions to win. They have an excellent team, a great coach, top players and their journey this season is truly unique. He won the league, took the Cup, eliminated Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League and earlier (s.s.: quarter-finals) Bayern. He has momentum and also knows that he must not repeat whatever mistakes he made in the 2021 final in Porto against Chelsea (vs: 1-0 loss)”

Source: Sport Fm

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