Gintogan: “The final will be decided on mental preparation”


Statements ahead of tonight’s grand final of the Champions League were made by Ilkay Gintoganemphasizing that the Manchester City he should have more will to win than Inter, and not be afraid of what will happen in case of defeat.

In addition, he also referred to Pep Guardiola, emphasizing how good he is at mentally preparing his team.

What the Manchester City midfielder said in detail:

“We have to have more will to win than our opponents and not be afraid of what will happen if we lose. This is not a fight to avoid relegation, but the most important final at club level. We should try to enjoy it as much as possible, bearing in mind that we are lucky to experience such a night. If someone had told me when I was 18 that I would play in two Champions League finals, I would have called them crazy.”.

For Guardiola: “For 80 or 90%, the final will be decided on the mental preparation. The coach has to make sure that every footballer has the right mentality and Guardiola is very good at that. He knows when to motivate us, when to raise the tone of his voice, and when to protect us.”.

Source: Sport Fm

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