An attack on the president of New Democracy was launched by Kyriakos Velopoulosfrom Ioannina, accusing him of hegemonic attitudes, while calling on the voters to support the Greek Solution, for “dignity and pride”.

The president of the Hellenic Solution accused Mr. Mitsotakis that he “continues the brutal blackmail, continues to threaten elections, seeking the hegemony of self-reliance, over 180 MPs, so that he can autocratically define the decisions and impose them”, and pointed out that the consecutive electoral contests have a high cost per hour that the country is running on loans.

He made special reference to her issue public healthan issue that, as he characteristically underlined, “no government dares to touch the issue” and quoted the position of his party saying: “Health, care, medicines, must be given free of charge to the citizen, without bribes and handouts”.

He then accused Mr. Mitsotakis of instrumentalizing religion during his tour of Oreokastro, while a statement by Dora Bakoyannis was stigmatized as raw blackmail against Pomakos in Rodopi. “He also blackmailed them to entice them to vote ND. In fact, he promised 1,000 border guard positions in the Prefecture of Rodopi. This is false because it is unconstitutional,” he said.

Referring to the economy, he emphasized that “today the Fitch House dispelled the myths of the Greek Prime Minister [σ.σ. εννοούσε τον κ. Μητσοτάκη] on upgrading the national economy, he left us in the category of garbage, garbage is the economic policy of the ND”.

THE Hellas, Mr. Velopoulos pointed out, is the only country in the EU with twice as many indirect taxes as direct taxes. The shipowners, as he mentioned, contribute very little in terms of taxes, while the poorest strata bear the greatest burden, however, he said that the ND made relief but in the wrong direction and repeated the proposal for a horizontal tax of 15%.

Mr. Velopoulos invited the people to “understand how, when you vote ND, SYRIZA, PASOKyou vote for the worst thing that can happen to you after the elections, because after the elections, no more benefits, no more passes, I’m not saying it, the European Union is saying it… an economic tsunami is coming”.

Answering the question about where he sets the bar for his party in the upcoming elections, he said: “Let’s stay where we are, let’s not lose at all and if we can even more. I am neither overconfident nor overoptimistic, but during my tour in Agrinio, in Messolonghi, I see another picture”.