Palma: “There was interest from Greek teams – I don’t like to talk about the future”


Statements in the Instrument of Honduras granted by Luis Palma. The midfielder of Aris spoke about his second season in Greece, while he emphasized that he will return to our country, being focused on the “yellows”. At the same time, he mentioned that he does not like to talk about his future.

Some of his statements to “Diez” in detail:

How was your season on Mars:

“A great season, despite the injury that kept me out of a lot of games, but they say after something bad comes good. I finished the tournament the way I wanted, scoring a goal and an assist. It’s my best season, what I did was discipline myself, focus on what I wanted. I realized that I was in a league that is important in Europe. Thank God I was able to score goals and show what a Honduran footballer is.”

What habits did you implement to perform well?

“Those who know me know that if I haven’t had a good workout in the gym in the morning, you’ll see me there in the afternoon doing extra exercise. This led to me not resting. I don’t drink soft drinks, only on holidays, I refrain from eating there because they are different materials, habits. I knew how to handle food and drinks.”

Feel like you’re ready to make the jump to a bigger league?

“I’ve matured a lot in Greece, having top team-mates who have played in big teams in Europe, having patience when things don’t go well, like when you don’t score or play, knowing that the moment will come. It’s persistence. I feel that I am mature enough to change teams in the future.”

What is the reason you cried in Greece?

“The moment I got injured, it felt like everything was falling apart because I just recovered and relapsed, so I called my parents, thinking the season would be over. They both have a lot of faith in God, they told me to put things in His hands and look how I finished the tournament.”

Do you feel you would be happy in another country?

“Like I said, it’s an adjustment. It will be difficult in the future to live in another city. You have to know how to handle things well with the mind.”

In Greece, what do they know about Honduran football?

“At the club there is someone who spoke to me about Carlo Costli (s.b. striker from Honduras who played in Veria and…almost in Aris), I don’t know if at some point Carlo gave him his shirt, even though he didn’t play in Mars. He said he had met him when he was playing in Greece. I hope that now with what I have done they will understand the players that are there.”

How do you feel about people complaining that you spend a lot of time on social media, and in the long run, it has taken a toll on you?

“I used them more before than now. I think there’s no harm in uploading a story or three of what you do. They are my social networks, but I can say that using them I have made a mistake, I do not say it publicly, but I acknowledge it so that it does not happen again. We can say that I am a ‘public figure’ and I have been able to reduce the use so as not to get into controversies.”

Who were the most famous players you have faced?

“With the National Team of Honduras I played with Messi (3-0 against Argentina), I didn’t take pictures with him, but there is one. In Greece I faced James Rodríguez, we even exchanged jerseys in a Cup match. And with Juan Iturbe, he is my friend and we get along well. I have a very good relationship with him, he is my father in Greece, “come my son”, he tells me. We stay together a lot, we go out or we are at home, she advises me. It helped me a lot to adapt to Greece.”

Got a deadline to learn your future on Mars?

“There is none because I have a three-year contract. That’s for the president to decide, if nothing happens I’ll continue to focus on the season.”

Apart from Rangers, which other clubs approached you?

“I don’t like to talk about rumours, but there are several groups. Also some groups from Greece have approached my agent. With a lot of respect for the Aris fans, because last time they wrote to me angry about what I said in an interview, but like any player would like to leave the club in the future, in a… business, where both me and the team win” .

Officially. Are you out of Gold Cup?

“I don’t know yet, I don’t know when they will give the final list, but I will travel to Greece next Tuesday to start preparation. It’s the same day that the national team leaves for the United States… We will be welcomed there.”

What is the ownership status of your rights?

“I belong to Aris but also to my agent (s.s. Paulo Hernandez) who bought a percentage with my file. I feel that with a next move I could help Vida financially, I hope to do that because it is the team that made me famous and it is the club of my life. I used to stay up watching Vida matches, but I was saddened by the results they got, so I don’t know how they play or which players stand out right now.”

What are you waiting for the new season in Greece?

“I’m going absolutely focused. If last season was good, I will do better, score the same or more goals. I don’t like to talk about the future, because only God knows. I like to work day by day and little by little things happen.”

Source: Sport Fm

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