With the “right” Barcelona in the finals with Real – Mirotic was deified!


Title lead for the Barcelona against the Real Madrid in the Liga Endesa finals.

The Catalans defended their home in the derby, winning 97-88 at the ‘Palay Blaugrana’ and they did 1-0 in a row. In a match, where – before the game and during the finale – the fans of the home team idolized the Miroticthey take a stand in his favor against the administration (after the situation brought about by the “divorce” between the two sides).

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In the competitive part, Barcelona was accurate (61% on two-pointers, 41% on three-pointers and with 17/20 shots) having seven players in double figures, with the first scorer among them Laprovitola with 19 points (3/8 two-pointers, 1/5 three-pointers and 10/10 shots) and 5 assists.

His team Sarunas Yasikevicius she was superior for almost the entire first part (28-23 in the first quarter, reaching 42-35 in the second). However, the Tavares came out ahead for the guests, who went to the locker room with a partial 15-5 lead 50-47.

Defenses tightened in the 3rd period, where Laprovitola helped Barcelona regain the lead (63-60), which he defended until the final (97-88) even though Real got as close as four points (74-70).

The quarters: 28-23, 47-50, 63-60, 97-88.

Barcelona-Real Madrid:

Source: Sport Fm

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