The incredible amount Morad is losing due to his suspension


Very expensive, literally and figuratively, he will pay Ja Morad her 25-game suspension handed down by the NBA for the second incident in which he displayed a weapon in public. The 23-year-old guard will lose at least $50 million, according to ESPN.

For the next period initially it would gross $33.5 million, but now that amount will drop to $25.9 million. He will also forfeit an additional $7.6 million for the 25 games he misses.

Morad already lost enough money stipulated in his contract because was not selected in any of the three best fives of the 2022/23 season, in which he would certainly have been selected had it not been for these misdeeds. In fact, by losing 25 games in the new season, he is essentially out of contention for a place in the All NBA Teams for 2023/24 as well, losing the stipulated bonus again.

If we factor in the losses from trade deals, then we estimate that Morad will lose at least $50 million, maybe even $70 million, for what he didESPN’s Brian Windhorst pointed out.

Source: Sport Fm

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