Heavy accusations Hames in Olympiakos: “They said I go to strip clubs to chase me away”


James Rodríguez made serious accusations against Olympiakos in an interview he gave to the media of his country. The Colombian ace mentioned – in his attack on the red and whites – that there was an orchestrated effort to tarnish his image and to be able to expel him from the team, at the lowest possible… cost.

Specifically, he mentioned that the people of Piraeus invented “exits” for him in strip clubs in Athens and at night, while he, commenting on his presence in the team, said that he had a good season.

“I have never been to such places. And if I had gone, why would he say so? I dont have a problem. Every man and every man can go to such shops. I’m not telling you I’ve never been, because I have been. But I didn’t go to Greece”Hames reported to Semana with the reporter who interviewed him continuing to ask questions on the matter.

-So what happened in Greece was a lie?

“Yes. Some people in power conspired against me.”

-What people?

“From the club. They said I was going to these places and it was all a lie.”

– But who? The players, the coach?

“Well, from management. I think they did and have talked to people about getting me fired. But I never went to those places.

-It’s weird because you were doing great, right?

“Yes, I was doing well, I had a good season, and physically I was fine. When they don’t appreciate what I’ve done during the year, I’m a pretty straightforward, principled person. When they don’t appreciate the work I’ve done, I feel uncomfortable. I did not like it. In the end we decided to terminate the contract.”

Source: Sport Fm

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