Details of the June 29 meeting in the Kremlin with Prigozhin and Wagner commanders after the mercenary mutiny failed, Vladimir Putin has revealed in an interview he gave to the Russian newspaper Kommersant and which was published last Thursday night.

According to the Russian president, he suggested that Wagner’s men serve under someone else’s command, but their leader Yevgeny Prigozhin refused the offer

Mercenary soldiers “could gather in one place and still serve. For them, nothing would change, they would be ruled by the man who was their real commander all this time,” the Russian president explained.

According to Kommersat, that the “man” Putin was referring to is a Wagner commander nicknamed “Sedoi” (Grey hair) who, according to the Russian president, was the real commander of the paramilitaries on the Ukrainian front for the last 16 months.

“A lot of (Wagner executives) shook their heads condescendingly when I said that. But Prigozhin, who was sitting in front, did not see this and after listening, he replied: ‘No, the children do not agree with this solution,'” Putin added.

According to him, the June 29 meeting discussed “possible solutions” for Wagner to continue fighting for Russia.

At the same time, Putin referred to Wagner’s lack of official legal status in Russia, where private paramilitary organizations are not allowed by law.

“The organization (Wagner) is here, but it does not exist legally! (…) It is another issue linked to their legalization. A matter that must be discussed in the Duma, in the government,” Putin stressed.