Critical week for the National Team roster at the World Cup: Several question marks and losses


The start of the National Team’s preparation for the World Cup is getting closer, but until July 24, many questions remain to be answered, while there are already losses. THE Dimitris Itoudis and his partners are waiting for the landscape to be completely clear to announce the pre-selection for the big event in August.

The big question mark has to do with him Giannis Antetokounmpo. After being in China for commercial reasons, the Greek Freak is back, but has yet to make it clear if he will be available or not. The operation he did about a month ago on his knee is not an ally and at the moment the odds are not in his favor to participate, although he wants to exhaust them. The Bucks are clear that they would like him to stay away, in order to do the rehabilitation program that he needs to calm down and not overexert himself. The last reason, however, belongs to the player, who reportedly has recommendations from doctors

Similar is the case of his brother, Costa, who also recently had his knee cleaned and is extremely doubtful to play. Shoulder injury problem also faces Ioannis Papapetrou, who for this specific reason also missed the last matches of the Adriatic League finals, so he too is doubtful. There is also its apparent absence Kostas Sloukaswho wants to stay away this summer, while his answer is pending Nick Calathes, who, having his future pending (since he will hardly stay in Fenerbahce) and being quite burdened by another full season, at 34 is considering the possibility of taking… time off. According to Live Sport, he has also decided to stay away Leonidas Kaselakis.

It is taken for granted that in preparation it will not be o Tyler Dorsey. After all, given the absence of Sloukas and possible that of Kalathis, his choice Thomas Walkup in the place of the only naturalize that FIBA ​​allows, it is a one-way street for the guards. Papanikolaou, Papagiannis, Agravanis, Thanasis Antetokounmpo and also Mitoglou, who has to compete for about 16 months due to his suspension, will be in the pre-selection from the “olds”. Of course, there will be several young players, such as Moraitis, Lountzis, Flionis, Netzipoglou, Rogavopoulos and Mantzoukas, who will have a place in the preparation and probably in the twelve.

Source: Sport Fm

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