Tanoulis and in… football for Olympiakos


Not one Tanoulis but… his family will have two Olympiakou the new season. THE George Tanoulisone of the greatest talents of Greek basketball, announced yesterday by the red and white KAE until 2027 and is an important investment for the team’s future.

But coming to Athens from Patras, the 21-year-old international center will not be alone. And that’s because Olympiacos also owns his younger brother, but in… football! THE Konstantinos Tanoulis has been acquired by the people of Piraeus and is intended for the B team. He is younger than George, born on March 7, 2005, He plays as a central defender and although he does not reach the height of his big brother (2.10m), he is very tall by football standards, with a height of 1.90m.

Little Tanoulis belonged from the age of four to the academies of Mars (from which – in the basketball department – Giorgos also started before going to PAOK and then to Prometheus from where Olympiacos acquired him) and last season he scored 19 appearances and 3 goals in the Super League U19 championship. In fact, he scored two of these three goals on September 18, in the 3-2 defeat by… Olympiakos.

The case of the Tanoulis brothers it reminds that of Mitoglouas there the eldest Dinos belongs to the basketball team Panathinaikos and the youngest Gerasimos plays for the football club AEK.

Source: Sport Fm

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