Manzoukas: “Blessed for this summer”


The emotion was widespread in Lefteri Mandzouka after its dominance National Youth on its counterpart Belgium and its conquest bronze medal at the U20 European Championship in Crete..

The Panathinaikos forward said he was blessed for the friendships he made this summer through our representative group, while he also spoke about the spirit and fighting spirit he brings to the floor Zougris.

I am very happy for my team and proud of my coaches. Regardless of the result I would be proud, I told them that before the game. We made a very big effort today. Above all, the human relationships you build through basketball are priceless and beyond success or failure. I am blessed that this summer I made real friendships, we became brothers, we are a family. This is what stands above all. All this was accompanied by a success and we are very happy about it.

Obviously we proved who we are. Zougris is touching, with the soul and fighting spirit he brings out on the floor. I have seen few players show such will and determination. All children deserve the best, as does the coach and his partners. We have been under a lot of pressure for the past month and a half, but it was for our good and all these efforts paid off».

Source: Sport Fm

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