Djuric’s return to Olympiacos is official!


The expected return came to fruition! After 12 years Mitar Djuric returned to Olympiakos, greatly strengthening the Greek Champions’ roster in front of the net.

The great center was announced by the “red and whites” in which he will compete next season, where he will flank Allen Pagenk, Vangelis Vaiopoulos and Gustavao in the center.

We remind you that Mitar Djuric’s first term at Olympiakos was recorded in the period 2006-2011, winning three championships, two Cups and two Super Cups.

Olympiakos’ announcement in detail:

OLYMPIAN S.F.P. announces the start of his collaboration with Dimitris (Mitar) Djuric. The Serbian, with Greek nationality, center (birth date 4/25/1989, 2.11m.) signed his new contract and joins the roster of the club’s Men’s volleyball team.

Dimitris Tzurich returned to Thrylos, 12 years later! In his first “term” in the red and white shirt, he played from 2006 to 2011, winning three championships, two Cups and two Super Cups.

In 2011, he made the big leap in his career, moving to Italy and Trentino, with which he won third place in the Champions League, as well as a championship, two Cups, a Super Cup and two World Clubs! In the 2013-14 season, he played for Halkbank, reaching the final of the Champions League, winning the silver medal, while celebrating the treble in Turkey! He also won second place in the Champions League in 2016, with Italian Trentino, while a season earlier, he reached the final of the CEV Cup. In 2016-18, he competed in Verona, winning the bronze medal in the CEV Cup, while in 2018-19 and 2021-23, he played for PAOK and Finikas Syros, respectively.

In his career, he has won a total of 18 titles, namely, three Greek championships, two Greek Cups, two Greek Super Cups, two Italian championships, two Italian Cups, one Italian Super Cup, two World Clubs, one Turkish championship, one Turkish Cup, a Turkish Super Cup, as well as the MEVZA League, in 2020-21, with ACH Volley.

Dimitris Djuric’s statement on “With Olympiakos, I emerged at the beginning of my career and after several years, our paths joined again. This makes me very happy and in fact, it gives me a lot of motivation. The team’s goals are self-evident, always at the top! We need people around us, I thank those who trusted me”.

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