“We don’t want him here”: Protests from Juventus fans over the looming acquisition of Lukaku


The fans are taking matters into their own hands regarding their team’s transfers Juventus!

After the scenarios that want him Romelou Loukakos to be in advanced negotiations with the “Old Lady” to be acquired on loan, coming from Chelsea, the friends of the “Bianconeri” have decided to exercise… veto taking drastic measures.

As he reported it Sport Italiadozens of Juve fans showed up outside the team’s training ground to protest the looming signing of the Belgian striker, who has a… past with them.

The reason for this move is Lukaku’s tenure at Inter, but also the “incident” that took place at the “Allianz Stadium” last April, during which Juventus fans carried out racist actions against him.

We remind you that the eventual move of the tall striker to Juventus has also caused discomfort in Inter, even though the rights of the footballer belong to Chelsea.

Source: Sport Fm

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