Paul Pierce on Jokic: “He’s not even in the Top 5 of the top passers”


A big objection was expressed by Paul Pierce regarding his talent Nikola Jokic in passes.

The veteran NBA star emphasized that their center Nuggets he’s a top passer for his height, but overall it doesn’t even touch… the top five in history.

Pearce believes that “The Joker” it can not be compared with the… assist specialists, like the legendary one Magic Johnsonbut also other players such as Jason Williams, Razon Rondo, Pete Maravich and Larry Bird or Dwyane Wade and Jason Kidd.

What Paul Pierce said in detail on “SHOWTIME Basketball”:

Magic (née Johnson) was the ultimate passer. Jokic is not even second. The “Joker” is not even in the top five of the top passers. Because he is a center, he is the best passer to the tall. But, when we talk about a… pure passer, we should talk about players like Magic, “White Chocolate” (s. Jason Williams), Rondo, Pete Maravich, Larry Bird… We talk about “Flash” (s. p. Dwyane Wade). We are talking about players with passing style. I mean “Joker” is amazing, but when we talk about pure passer, we talk about Jason Kidd…».

Source: Sport Fm

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