PAE Apollo Smyrni: “We call on the Amateur to assume his institutional and historical responsibilities”


PAE Apollon Smyrni issued a notice informing that the team has zero debts and that Erasitechnis is invited to declare participation in Super League 2 for the 2023/24 season.

The announcement made in the early hours of the morning by PAE Apollon Smyrna

PAE Apollon Smyrni, in view of the deadline of July 24, 2023 in order to declare the team in Super League 2, informs about the following:

1) The Monemvasiotis family has taken care of settling all financial obligations, so that the team has zero debts.

2) He has obtained permission from the competent committee of the EPO to participate in professional categories without restrictions.

3) She has informed Amateur Artist Apollon Smyrnis since 4/27/2023 with an extrajudicial statement of her intentions, in which she expressly stated that she is not going to continue her employment with PAE Apollon Smyrni.

4) During the same period of time, he assigned to a law firm the effort to find an interested party for the shares. All this time there was no serious interest. In fact, after the recent statements by the PAE factor of Super League 1 that this particular team will use Rizoupoli’s stadium as its home base, the last hope of finding a solution was lost.

5) Unfortunately, the land issue, despite our efforts, has remained a perennial problem and is still divisive.

Following all of this and due to the pressing dates, we call on Amateur Apollo Smyrnis to assume his institutional and historical responsibilities by taking over the shares of PAE, in order to declare our team in Super League 2 in the near future.

Source: Sport Fm

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