Walker remains at Manchester City until 2026!

Walker remains at Manchester City until 2026!

He’s not going anywhere Kyle Walkerwith the experienced right-back remaining at Manchester City. The 33-year-old defender closed his ears to the “sirens” of major European teams such as Bayern Munich and will sign a new contract with them champions of England and its owners Champions Leagueup to and including June 2026.

The English international has agreed with the “citizens” and will continue in the “Etihad”taking into account both the course of the club in the competitive part, and the desire of the “blue” fans to extend its cooperation with the City. This desire is strengthened even more after the departure of important players, such as Ilkay Gundogan which will continue to Barcelonabut also the Riyadh Mahrezwith the Algerian striker following the fashion of recent months, continuing to Saudi Arabia and Al Ahly.

THE Walker is a huge capital for the Manchester City, since he has been in the team since the summer of 2017, when he was acquired from Tottenham. He has conquered five championships, two cupsand four English League Cupscombined with two Community Shieldbut also the Last season’s Champions Leagueduring which he counted 39 entries, 1 assist and 2,764 playing minutes. Overall, it has recorded 255 entries with “Citizens”, noting 6 goals, 18 assists and 20,561 playing minutes.

Editor: Thodoris Dimopoulos

Source: Sport Fm

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