Pineda: “I was listening to the Champions League anthem at home – Pizarro is doing very well”


His excitement about his debut in the Champions League was shared by Orbelin Pineda in Central Mexico.

Specifically, the TNT Sports was at “Boswill” in Antwerp for the first game of AEK against Antwerp in the Playoffs of the competition, in order to watch both the 27-year-old ace, as well as his coach and his teammate at “Enos”, Matias Almeida and Rodolfo Pissarrorespectively.

Pineda, therefore, mentioned that from where he was listening to the Champions League anthem at home, he found himself enjoying it live. He also spoke about his presence in the “two-headed” but also in Pissarro, for whom he noted that he is adapting to Greece.

In detail, Orbelin Pineda spoke about:

-his debut in the Champions League:Everything comes to mind, because as I said the day before the match, I was listening to the Champions League anthem at home and now I’m in reality. You are there on the field and you hear the anthem up close. You listen to people, my colleagues. It’s something wonderful. That’s why the smile of the day is due to this. In enjoying these games and taking the next step, which is the next game».

-how he experiences his life in AEK and Greece and also the rematch with Antwerp:From the first moment I arrived in Greece, they have treated me very well. Both the world and my colleagues have supported me. I am one of those who try to improve and contribute my part. We are a team and as a whole we will keep trying».

-the adaptation of Rodolfo Pizarro, also a Mexican, to Greece:He is doing very well. It’s getting ready. I think he’s getting used to it. This is the most difficult thing: The adaptation of a player, when he comes from abroad, to be done as quickly as possible. He is doing very well and we hope to see him on the field soon to help us».

Source: Sport Fm

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