Pomaski on bwinSPORT FM: “Miltos is a special athlete, he can do 8.72 m!”


The eulogy of Miltos Tedoglouafter its success to take first place in the World Championship in Budapest he knit George Pomaski to News Bulletin 247.

In particular, the coach of the now World champion in the long jump, emphasized that for his cooperation with such an athlete is the icing on the cakewho in addition to his performances on the field, is also special off it.

Mr. Pomaski explained how he works with the Olympic gold medalist of Tokyo, the development of the athlete himself after so many distinctions at European and world level, setting as a goal for himself his… launch at 8.72 m. in one of the upcoming events he will participate in.

Alongside, he admitted that he has made several sacrifices himself as a coach, since he can be distinguished from Tedoglou, but for him he considers that he is not a good father and husband, since he constantly are on competitive duty and travel.

I am complete as a person and as a coach. I have enjoyed everything through sports“, were Mr. Pomaski’s first words to Michalis Tsochos.

Then the experienced trainer spoke for the sacrifices he makes to train an athlete of Miltos Tedoglou’s caliber: “It’s a big debate. Above all I am a coach. All the time I am a bad father and husband, even though I have a very good relationship with my family. I have fully dedicated myself to the profession and when such an athlete comes to you, in a career that spans over 35 years, Tedoglou is the… icing on the cake of my career. In all major events he took first place and I believe that I have been rewarded in the best way for all that I have contributed to sports».

For the elements that distinguish the World Champion in lengthunderlined: “What makes Milto special is his competitiveness, he remains cool, focused and executes his jumps with great intensity and great precision. As we say in sports, it doesn’t get stuck. He makes the best technical choice. Yesterday he missed a bit and those two jumps could be at 8.70m. He is in his frame of mind. You saw how clear he looked before he started the attempt for the jump, this is not trained and is innate in every athlete. I also give him from the platform a confidence and yesterday we took a risk by collecting his time, since I knew he would respond».

And he explained how: “If we didn’t do this, the athlete would do five voids! The jump must make specific movements, there are many points that judge the jump, but with Milto I have an extra confidence. There are few in this competition that we can take our hat off to and Miltos is only 25».

For the way it motivates him before every big match, he stated: “We are only discussing technical points. For the conditions, for example yesterday it was very hot. We are only discussing technical points. I know about his seriousness and that helps me a lot».

About when he realized the capabilities of Miltos Tedoglou: “From a very young age we had distinguished him, with Vangelis Papanikos. It has some special elements and I was sure that over the years it will evolve. He is incredibly accurate in his analysis and shows that he understands what he is doing in the pit. It is important to do this in major events, such as the World Championship. He is the biggest judge for himself, he doesn’t wait for someone else to say something about him“, he emphasized.

He said about his character: “He is straightforward as a person. It doesn’t mix anywhere. He sees his own things. He comes into practice and never fails me. He executes them with incredible precision and I do the minimum program, but it’s difficult because we always aim for first place».

For the conversation they had after the match: “Only technical issues we discussed, why he missed 8.70 m.. You understand the mind he has now. He tried and I’m sure he can do 8.72m. Don’t forget that in the winter he didn’t leave until he did 8.40m despite his shoe problem. It’s about talent, you can’t transfer it to an athlete. There is nothing fake about it. It’s what you see».

For what we can expect from here on out by Miltos Tedoglou in view of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris: “I want him to be healthy and achieve the best possible performance. Nothing happened during the match to free him up and give him a bigger performance. We have big games, we have the Olympics ahead of us. We are in Greece which gave birth to the Games and all this counts in his mind. You know very well that we lag behind other athletes. The president of SEGAS has created a stability for us. We are asking the state to provide solutions to some infrastructure issues. I imagine that Mr. Vroutsis will do his best from now on. We should not lose our children, getting involved in gangs. It is our fault too, to guide the children properly, and not to experience anything negative in their lives. We need to have the right role models for our children and this is something we all need to pay attention to».

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