Balcherovski: “Let’s win the championship and the Euroleague”


On Friday night (25/8), Mr Olek Balcherovsky he arrived in Athens to join his preparation Panathinaikou.

This year’s transfer acquisition of the “greens” spoke on the team’s official page about his ambitions with his new club, but also about his impatience to play in front of his audience Panathinaikou.

In detail what he said:

“I am very happy to be here. A few weeks earlier I came again for the medical examination. Everything went really well, so I’m happy. I’m ready to work and see what the new season has in store. I think we are a very good team this season. An excellent team and a great coach to organize it all. Now we have to work, to function as a whole and surely the coach knows how to do that”.

Regarding the new year’s goals: “Most likely we will get the title in Greece, go to the Final Four and win the EuroLeague.”

For the team world: “I’m excited to be here and I hope OAKA is … crazy as always.”

Watch the video of the “green” OEM:

Source: Sport Fm

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