Dortmund saved her in Bochum – New four for Union!


Continues with broken brakes n Union! The Berlin team doubled their wins this year Bundesliga prevailing with the emphatic 4-1 at home to Darmstadt with Goossens scoring twice!

The revier derby between Dortmund and Bochum is tied with the two teams remaining at 1-1 in a highly satisfying match, while Wolfsburg made it “2/2” in the league by winning 2-1 in Cologne with Wid’s goals .

It took Union just four minutes to take the lead against Darmstadt at Bollenfaltor with Goossens’ terrific shot. In the 21st minute Aaronson was sent off with a second yellow card, a fact which Darmstadt took advantage of, after Melem equalized the match in the 24th minute. In the 34th minute, Union took the lead again with Goossens finding the net with a header for 2-1. Five minutes later Behrens similarly made the Union’s job easier, scoring in the same manner to make 3-1 the half-time score.

In the second half, Union did not slow down and in the 47th minute it came close to 4-1 with Leyte sending the ball over the post with a header. In the 65th minute, the “cherry” came with Doeki making it 4-1 with a header.

An impressive start for the Berlin side who have scored eight goals in two matches with five different scorers.

In Bochum, Dortmund came under pressure from the team of the same name and in the 19th minute found themselves back on the scoreboard with Steger taking advantage of Vitek’s assist for 1-0. In the 33rd minute, the home team almost made it 2-0, but Philip Hoffman’s header hit the crossbar and went wide.

Terzic’s side pushed for an equalizer in the second half and Mullen turned into a savior again after a beautiful move from outside the area sent the ball into the net for his second goal of the season. In fact, in the 62nd minute, the Westphalians almost reached the turning point with Enmetsa sending the ball over the post with a strong shot.

A great victory for Wolfsburg as well, which reached six points in the championship, passing by the headquarters of Cologne. After a bad first half, the “goats” took the lead with Vollschmidt’s goal in the 55th minute and Wid made it 1-1 in the 62nd minute. The Danish forward, in the 73rd minute, completed the overthrow of the “wolves” by making it 2-1.

Incredible reversal of Hoffenheim at the home of Heidenheim! The home team lost a penalty in the 16th minute with Beste, but ten minutes later the same footballer managed to make it 1-0 with a direct free kick, which was also the score for the first half.

In the second half, Hoffenheim made it 1-1 with Kramaric hitting the post, the ball punishing the visitors to make it 2-0 through Piringer.

Bayer gave the signal for the turnaround in the 77th minute with a stunning goal reducing the score to 2-1 with Canterbury equalizing in the 81st minute for Hoffenheim. In the 88th minute, Kramaric was brought down in the area with the referee not initially indicating a foul, but following the use of VAR, he showed the white bullet with the Croatian completing the upset for a 3-2 final and his side’s maiden win in this year’s league .

The program of the 2nd matchday

Friday (25/08)

Leipzig-Stuttgart 5-1

(51′ Henriques, 65′ Olmo, 66′ Openda, 74′ Campbell, 77′ Simmons – 35′ Girassi)

Saturday (26/08)

Freiburg-Werder Bremen 1-0

(90+6′ Philip)

Cologne-Wolfsburg 1-2

(55′ Waldschmidt – 62′, 75′ Vid)

Heidenheim-Hoffenheim 2-3

(26′ Best, 58′ Piringer – 77′ Bayer, 81′ Canterback, 90′ Kramaric)

Darmstadt-Union Berlin 1-4

(24′ Melem – 4′, 34′ Gozens, 39′ Behrens, 65′ Deki)

Gladbach-Bayer Leverkusen (19:30)

Sunday (27/08)

Mainz-Eintracht Frankfurt (16:30)

Bayern Munich-Augsburg (18:30)

The next (3rd) matchday:

Friday 01/09

Borussia Dortmund-Heidenheim (21:30)

Saturday 02/09

Bayer Leverkusen-Darmstadt (16:30)

Hoffenheim-Wolfsburg (16:30)

Werder Bremen-Mainz (16:30)

Augsburg-Bochum (16:30)

Stuttgart-Freiburg (16:30)

Gladbach-Bayern Munich (19:30)

Sunday 03/09

Eintracht Frankfurt-Cologne (16:30)

Union Berlin-Leipzig (18:30)

Source: Sport Fm

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