From… an early brake for Juventus and Fiorentina, they were stung by a point by Bologna and Lecce


Losses of points for Juventus and Fiorentina in the context of the 2nd matchday of Serie A.

Both had started with wide victories away from home, however at their “home” they spoiled it. The first comer 1-1 with the Bologna (1b.) and the second with the 2-2 against the Leche (4b.).

First, the ‘Juventus Stadium’… went silent on 24‘, when the guests – after a terrible combination – stepped into the area, with Ferguson to end perfectly for 0-1. The “Bianconeri” stepped on the gas in the second half. What if the end of it Vlahovic in the 52′ canceled for offsidethe same did not happen in 80′When the Ealing Junior he took out his cross from the left, with the Serbo forward scoring with a header. In between, Bologna had shouted for a penalty.

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At the same time, in “Artemio Franki” Fiorentina quickly took the lead 2-0 thanks to the goals of Nicholas Gonzales (3′) and Duncan(25′). And yet, the “violas” failed to defend their lead. Lecce scored twice in the second half with them Shelves (49′) and Christovich (76′) and left with the point.

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In detail, the 2nd matchday:

Saturday (26/08)

Frosinone-Atalanta 2-1

(5′ Aroui, 24′ Monterizi-56′ Zapata)

Monza-Eboli 2-0

(45′,53′ Kolpani)

Verona-Rome 2-1

(4′ Duda, 45+3′ Engoz – 56′ Extra time)

Milan-Turin 4-1

(33′ Pulisic, 43′, 65′ Giroud penalty, 45+2′ Hernandez – 36′ Schiours)

Sunday (27/08)

Juventus-Bologna 1-1

(80′ Vlahovic – 24′ Ferguson)

Fiorentina-Lecce 2-2

(3′ Gonzales, 25′ Duncan – 49′ Rafia, 76′ Kristovic)

Lazio-Genoa (21:45)

Napoli-Sassuolo (21:45)

Monday (28/08)

Salernitana-Udinese (19:30)

Cagliari-Inter (21:45)

The next (3rd) matchday:

Friday (01/09)

Sassuolo-Verona (19:30)

Roma-Milan (21:45)

Saturday (02/09)

Udinese-Frosinone (19:30)

Bologna-Cagliari (19:30)

Napoli-Lazio (21:45)

Atalanta-Monza (21:45)

Sunday (03/09)

Torino-Genoa (19:30)

Inter-Fiorentina (19:30)

Empoli-Juventus (21:45)

Lecce-Salernitana (21:45)

Source: Sport Fm

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