Retsos: “I haven’t changed anything, I found psychology through the games”


Among the best football players of Olympiakos at the beginning of this season, o Panagiotis Retsos made statements ahead of the upcoming match of the “red and white” with Lamia, talking about the good competitive image presented so far, both by his team and himself.

After mentioning that this year a lot has changed in Olympiakos compared to last season, he emphasized that he is not doing anything different, he has simply found psychology through the games, presenting his good face on the pitch.

In detail what the Olympiakos defender said:

For the good performance of Olympiakos: “Certainly many things have changed this year at Olympiakos. He changed both the competitive and the off-field according to me. You can see the difference we have on the field. We have built a nice team that definitely needs more work for the continuation, because we have a long season ahead of us.

We have had some qualifiers and some victories that were important for our psychology, but what I want to insist on is that we are still at the beginning of the season and that we have not yet achieved anything. We’ve bonded a lot with each other, so I don’t know if we expected it but with the work we’ve been doing since the first day of preparation I think we’re getting a very good result so far.”.

For the match with Lamia: “It was the first thing we said after the match in Serbia. Whatever is over, we succeeded and got the qualification and achieved a goal we had set, but from here on we have to concentrate on the next match because Lamia is a very good team, especially in midfield. So we have to be careful. These are the matches we must win and be absolute. We have a very good feeling and I believe that together with our fans we will get a nice win and it will be a nice Sunday afternoon”.

For his good performances at the start of the season: “I haven’t changed anything. I hear a lot that I have changed something this year, that I worked more. I didn’t work more. I’m doing what I’ve been doing all these years. Through the games, like every player, I found psychology, I found myself. That happened. I emphasize that I have not changed anything.

I have the same habits, I have my family and my friends who supported me even in difficult times. What I want to do is to continue working, to help the team and through the improvement of the whole team and for my own improvement to come”.

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Source: Sport Fm

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