Nikologiannis: “Panathinaikos now has 16-17 eleven players – Difficult season for the internationals”


The… hardships that the overworked international players pulled and will pull this year, in this case Panathinaikou they also require special management, according to what he said to News Bulletin 247 Tasos Nikologiannis.

“This year is difficult for all the international teams in general, but also for Panathinaikos. In the summer they didn’t take a vacation, they actually took a week, because the matches of the Nationals went late, then they started preparation and then the qualifiers started. The two Serbs, the three Slovenians, Ioannidis, Magnuson and Kleinheisler. It can’t have repercussions, get injuries or not perform very well. This generally concerns all coaches and needs good management. It’s not a simple thing, especially after the break they will play almost every 2-3 days. He’s not a robot, Jovanovic has that in mind, which is why we saw him make seven changes between the games against Braga and beyond. He takes into account the tension and the fact that new players have come in and he should give them time. He utilizes everyone and has a good dressing room as well“, he said about it.

At the same time, the reporter of the station noted that Arao can be seen as a starter many times this year and next to Rubenin some difficult European games of the “greens”, otherwise they will logically alternate in the 11.

Nikologiannis pointed out that Panathinaikos and Jovanovic have 16-17 players… XI and at the same time a sure base to march through the year.

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Source: Sport Fm

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