Savvopoulos: “Verstraat has what Manzios was looking for – Aris fought for a strong forward, but…”


Birger’s racing profile Verstraat as well as the reasons that brought him to Marshe analyzed in his “air”. News Bulletin 247 Alexis Savvopoulos.

It was one of the 2-3 alternatives that Aris had in case Verstraat turned against Sasha. Classic defensive midfielder, with good runs and blocking function, which Manzios counts and wants, while in relation to Dzego, for example, I think the Belgian is better. At a very good age, with very good years in Ghent, he did not catch on in Germany. He brings together many of the attributes the coach wanted, coming to sign for two years“, he said about it.

Asked if the “yellows” will make another transfer, the reporter of the station pointed out that “they’re not close to a center forward, which would be the next logical move even though they can’t go with Moron until January alone, unless they look for someone in free agency, with whatever risk that carries. Aris was fighting a very good player, but time constraints and apparently financial demands did not allow him to complete it. Never say never».

At the same time, Savvopoulos noted that today Aris will also announce a young goalkeeper for third and how o Saverio has fallen far behind and won’t catch up nor the derby with PAOK.

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Source: Sport Fm

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